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Facebook Meta's Enter Smartwatch Competitor to Apple Watch?

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According to Bloomberg reports, technology developers found a photo from the mobile application Facebook View. Meta is developing a smart watch with a front camera. It will be launched soon next year.
Facebook worked with Ray-Ban to develop smart glasses and developed a control App (Facebook View) for the glasses. The picture is from here. The photo shows a watch screen with slightly curved edges. The display is similar to the Apple Watch. The front camera appears at the bottom of the display, and the watch's control buttons are on the right. Analysis has pointed out that this front camera can be used to support video conferencing and other functions, which has more advantages than Apple Watch and Samsung watches.

In addition, the internal code of the software implies that the nickname of the watch may be "Milan". The watch can take photos and videos, and download photos and videos to the mobile phone.
Sources previously revealed that Facebook had planned to launch its first smart watch in 2022, and also said that Facebook is developing a total of three generations of products. Although the watch in the picture may not be the final release version, the picture is also the first time that the company is officially developing a watch project. According to previous reports, Apple will also release up to three watch products in the same period, and the two companies may compete in the same period.
In addition to Facebook’s name change, Meta also said that it is developing a high-end head-mounted device that will be equipped with both AR and VR. Meta co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg also demonstrated its extensive "meta-universe" economy, which can be used through augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), smartphones, and laptops. Support a range of experiences.
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