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How is Tuya Compatible with Smart Wearable?

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How is Tuya Compatible with Smart Wearable?

As we know that Tuya Smart is a global IoT development platform. It competes with Smart Home in smart home products. For now, Tuya has made a big push into the smart wearable market, integrating all smart products into the smart watch. Control your smart home with one watch.

On September 15, Tuya held a launch conference for Tuya smart sports and health product solutions.

At the press conference, TUYA officially released a one-stop, digital, full-cycle sports and health product solution to help developers quickly realize the intelligentization of sports and health products and implement more health scenarios. At the same time, based on the open ecology of Tuya Smart, developers in the sports and health industry can also link their products with Powered by Tuya smart devices of different categories and brands to build a full-scene ecology and achieve true interconnection.

Tuya introduced intelligent solutions for key products such as smart wearables, fitness trackers, and sports measurements. Covers three aspects of hardware development tools, global cloud, and smart business platform development, helping developers in the health sports industry realize product intelligence, and providing developers with one-stop product solutions from hardware access to software development. Developers can Through open-source hardware product solutions and various development methods such as SoC free development, SDK low-code development, and MCU universal docking, rapid hardware access and intelligence are realized.

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